My old mum would be turning in her grave at the idea of me talking about my personal finances with anyone, least of all complete strangers!

I’ve been the successful woman with a six-figure salary and the corner office, posting record results for my employer. I’ve also been a six-figure business owner. But boy, could I spend, to the point where I racked up £200k in personal debt.

If you know what it feels like to be a woman with a decent salary, yet still skint, take a look at the Money Joy tab. The journey I took to change my own money story gave me some deep learnings and a suite of resources I’d love to share with you.

p.s. It seems we’re all facing economic challenges right now – and the media, as always, is continually pushing fear and bad news. In this fog it’s impossible to try and ‘think positively’ when our subconscious is totally focused on survival. Even I’m having to remind myself to ‘do the work’ and bring my stress levels down!