I had a one to one session in 2023 and was floored at how my childhood programming had led to my thoughts and feelings around money.

CH, Shrewsbury

I do remember feeling blocked by something before our first session. Like my ego or subconscious wouldn’t let me even look at my emotional “can of worms”. But at the same time feeling compelled to get help to take that step so I could feel relief.
At the beginning of our first session I was terrified. I literally had a dry mouth & cold, sweaty palms. I was embarrassed to cry which I knew would be inevitable when I let my emotions out.
You were so patient, supportive & matter of fact that I really did feel safe working with you, so thank you!
Surprisingly, my little echo work wasn’t what I expected it would be. But our subconscious mind is wise.
The results have had subtle but pervading positive influences on many of my relationships & I definitely feel the relief I knew I needed.  Thank you Joy.

TS, Worcester

Wow, at the start of my session I was stressed and overwhelmed. Joy has gave me techniques, carried out some practical tapping sessions and opened my mind. I was relieved to feel happily grounded and alive again. The insightful knowledge that Joy has shared will forever benefit me, each and everyday. Thank you for such a wonderful experience, I aim to practice, practice and practice tapping.

SI, Worcester

Had an hour EFT session with Joy today. So much came up that I didn’t realise I was holding on to. Feel sooo much better, more positive and feel like I’m going in the right direction now. Very impressed. Thank you Joy X

MS, Worcester

Joy has a natural ability for coaching and a very harmonious coaching style. She has a great sense of humour and lots of positive energy. She is very generous and I could feel she really cared. She always created a safe, inviting environment and I always felt comfortable speaking to her about any topic. She was a great listener and I felt as if she would naturally manage to come with the right question at the right time. Compassionate when I was going through a hard time, and firm when I needed her to be. She was wonderful at opening my eyes to different perspectives and every small step I took, Joy was there with me. Every step of the way she helped me through. I will always be extremely grateful……
KK, Northants.

Thank you so much for showing me the tapping method, I used it for flying last week and it really

Did help me 😊 I usually cry but I felt I could manage my anxiety far better by using the tapping method and breathing techniques. Thanks again and I will be continuing to use it xx

CW, Worcester

Everyone has personal issues and insecurities. I have always prided myself on never bringing them into the workplace. However, when some of those issues are triggered by work, where do you go? Usually – just home to mull over those issues. Work then starts to take over your whole life. I was lucky enough to have someone in my work environment who offered to help. Joy offered me some of her personal time and her skill in coaching and development. Joy taught me ways to deal with problems, overcome obstacles and simply see things more clearly and less emotionally than I previously had.
The sessions I spent with Joy were few, yet in a short space of time, I managed to change my whole outlook for the positive.

I deal with problems far more effectively now, I don’t let trivial things upset me – instead, I see them for what they are and move on. I am more efficient, far more confident and the knock-on effect is that I am much happier.

Joys management style is incredibly effective. She inspires people to work to the best of their abilities and if there are problems, she will show them the way with firm yet gentle guidance. What then transpires, is that people grow and thrive in the workplace.

Joy believes that I changed myself and could not have done so unless I had really wanted to. My belief is that although I really did want to change and I had the skills within me to do so, I would have still been a lost soul trying to figure it all out!

Joy helped me utilise those skills I had and threw a whole new perspective on things. My life has changed for the better and one person helped me to change. Her coaching is invaluable and will remain with me throughout my career. I have had positive comments from many people which is great! I am calmer within my personal environment too and will remain forever in her debt!

JM, London.

So infrequently do we meet a person that has an infectious enthusiasm and drive to make it all work.

It has been an absolute pleasure to have shared laughter with you.

It has been enlightening to have learned from you.

It has been an honour to have worked with you.

IW, Berks.