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coaching you from survival to thrival

You’re a woman in a man’s world: experienced, bright and you know what’s what. 

Wouldn’t it be more fun to get the recognition and rewards you’re really due?


What more do you have to do to get noticed? You put on the suit, you work all the hours and still it’s not enough.  It’s exhausting. Frustrating.  It can be downright miserable.


Sick and tired of playing the game and getting nowhere fast?  Or maybe you have a great income and still your finances are sucking the life out of you.

I know what it feels like to live this way. To live payday to payday. To work my socks off and see the guys get paid more than me, or promoted ahead of me. Criticised for ‘caring too much’ or ‘being too emotional’. Desperate to get off the treadmill of ‘never enough.’  Until I discovered how to change my own mind so it worked for me, not against me.

After 30-odd years of medical sales success I got the biggest buzz from seeing my staff grow, quietly knowing I played a part in that. The lessons I picked up along the way taught me about good and bad management – about how I wanted to show up and how I definitely didn’t. The mentoring and education I personally invested in brought me a 6-figure salary and corner office.

My long interest in healthcare saw me building transformational coaching skills founded in neuroscience and energy psychology, while my own experience and observation of inequality turned my coaching focus towards empowering women.

Having grown up in a culture of lack and scarcity, with aspirations for a better life, I use money as a starting point for The Joy Connector framework, because it’s never about the money.


How would you like to:

Connect with your deepest feelings and aspirations?

Identify your blindspots?

Have support and accountability to take action?

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Our coaching conversations will uncover the real story behind how you’re showing up in the world and the unconscious beliefs you downloaded, which have been influencing your behaviours.  Together we’ll explore different aspects of how you feel and, even though we may start in one specific place, our meanderings can take us elsewhere: you may end up somewhere you didn’t expect – and it will always be exactly where you needed to go, in order to upgrade your operating system from those old patterns and drivers installed by others.

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