Back in 2016 when I first mapped out The Joy Connector philosophy I knew what I wanted to say about it and how I wanted to present it to the world. My ‘thing’ was about helping women to show up more, when their experience was more about staying invisible, not being heard, not being valued.

I started thinking about this in terms of ‘getting out of your own way’ (a very logical, masculine, head-based approach). Yet, for all this clarity of purpose, I felt like something was missing – it must have been, because I couldn’t get out of my own way to finish my website and the messaging to go on it.

Three years later and I thought I had the last piece of my jigsaw. It was all about helping women to reconnect with their inner rockstar, their inner joy, but more than that it was simply about connection. If you read my October 2020 blog post, yet another year later, you’ll see that I was still getting in my own way then and my website was still not live!!!

Since then I tied myself in knots exploring identity, not least of which has been ‘who am I if I’m not Corporate Joy?’

Part of my own journey has been about reconnecting to my feminine side, that softer part of me that I had discarded to operate in a male-dominated corporate world. I’m chuckling to realise that it all comes back to basics: from mBraining it’s obvious that I hadn’t consulted my heart to find the right messaging for me, and that messaging all comes from a place of love.

Having previously read The Book of Joy, yesterday I watched the Mission: Joy filmed conversation between His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. This is an exploration of how to experience more joy in life, with the broad takeaway that it’s an inside job. During the film the Dalai Lama was asked how he felt about being exiled from Tibet – his home – for most of his life. He replied with a Tibetan saying:

“Wherever you received much love, that’s your home.”

Today I found an old note of mine, a draft of what I might say on my website. On the back was a reminder of a future timeline visualisation and the messages I received way back, around 2008:

How did I get here?        “I gave them love”

Who?                                   “All who would come”  

Increasingly it’s obvious (to me at least) that love is the ultimate energy needed to change the direction of our global community towards a healthier world than it appears we are currently headed. The last 50 years or so has seen us embrace the ‘survival of the fittest/winner takes all’ mentality, fuelling individual over-consumption, but that mantra is based on a misunderstanding. Earlier writings describe collaboration leading to survival of the community, something I believe is served well by our female instinct to nurture. Indeed, the Dalai Lama is also quoted as saying the world will be saved by Western women.

Having the courage to take action comes from our gut, and of course was something I had to find in order to get my website live. More courage to start telling people about how I hold a safe, nurturing space for the women who choose to work with me.

Investing in coaching for myself remains a true expression of self-love. It’s an acknowledgement of vulnerability, that I can’t do it all on my own if I want to go deeper. I’ll work one-on-one with a coach, or an online course will appeal, or I’ll add to my resource library. As humans we are blessed with curiosity and if, like me, you live to grow, I invite you to explore the options open to you within The Joy Connector.