As we start to go deeper into our personal growth explorations it’s very common to find new paths appearing.  These can open up as brand new, heading in a completely new direction, one we’ve not come across before.  Sometimes they start off as new, but then they lead us on a slightly different route to a place we’ve previously visited and yet it looks somehow different…there are new things to to notice, new aspects, new feelings.

When you spend a lot of time exploring it’s easy to reach a point where you’ve had enough.  More than once I’ve been coaching a client and they’ll exclaim “Oh **** do we ever get to the end of this?” or “When will this work be over???”

The good news is that you can take “comfort breaks” on the journey!

Some people have a specific single issue they feel is blocking them from moving forward in their life.  We might do 1 – 3 coaching sessions and they’ve found the block and been resourced to resolve the issue.  They are “all done” and content.  [sneaky peek: in the end it’s not always what you thought it was!]

Other folks may have a sense that they want/need to work for longer, to really understand all the nuances of the journey, or they feel their “stuff” has many layers of complexity and they want to clear all of it.  They may sign up for 3, 6 or even 12 months of regular coaching, so they can really explore the landscape (and remove any land mines).

Of course these things don’t necessarily run in a straight line and some conversations will loop back to revisit a new aspect of an old familiar story.

Another time we might seem to “go backwards” is when we start to step up somehow, to expand our presence in the world, or get closer to our big goals.  We might get a new job, or a promotion – we knew we were good enough when we applied and yet suddenly that little voice in our head starts criticising: [“are you sure you’re up to this?  What if you screw it up?  What if they find out you don’t know what you’re doing?”]

On my own journey I’ve lost count of the times I’ve revisited an event in my life that I thought I’d finished with, all blocks resolved, moving forwards.  In my last blog I wrote about the delays in rolling out The Joy Connector philosophy – each delay meant my doing “more work on myself” to get unstuck!

A little while back I had a totally unexpected experience of this…

Part of “my stuff” is changing a lifetime of poor lifestyle choices, putting my health and wellbeing at the bottom of my To Do List, yo-yo dieting, intermittent to zero exercise.  It’s a familiar pattern for many – lose weight/do exercise, reverse and add a few more pounds just for good measure.  It’s a work in progress and one I’m not covering here!

Working with an mBIT coaching buddy, we were discussing my reluctance to leave the house for even a short walk.  [I’m safe and comfortable in my house.  I’ve spent so much time travelling I love being at home, etc.]  I described to her how I get hot, sweaty and out of breath with the slightest exertion and my coach asked me: “What would it take for you to push through that discomfort?”

As we had been using the mBraining protocol for this session we had been considering “gut brain” issues around fear, courage and motivation.  What came up for me started with the gut “coming out of hiding” to share a profound message from the “pelvic brain” about the birth of my son.

Instead of the delight of bringing new life into the world it was the most appalling experience: the pain was horrendous, it went on forever and I really thought I was going to die.  So “pushing through” to deliver my son was physiologically and energetically connected to “I’m going to die”.

Can you see how that body-mind connection might have been playing out in my avoidance of exercise?

My beautiful son is now 24 years old and over time I’ve changed various aspects of my delivery experience to something wonderful using Matrix Reimprinting, but I’d had no clue about this one and have been running this unconscious programme for all these years!!  Having released the energy through some deep, visceral sobbing I made sure to hydrate and rest during the day (self-care is especially critical when we go deep in these sessions and allow the shifts to process).

I wanted to share this as an example of continuing the journey – it is my choice to do this work for my own healing and to bring the experiences to life for clients.  Literally to lead by example!

Your journey can be as short or as long as you prefer.  Sometimes we get to a place, decide it’s enough for now and we stop for a while to enjoy where we are… knowing we can get back on the path whenever we choose.