photo of Joy“Joy by name Joy by nature”


I’m Joy Griffiths. Of course I can sometimes be a grumpy old sod, I am human after all, yet I can now see that joy has been my north star since I was first given that name.


You’d think having a name like Joy would be a bit of a clue and yet it’s taken me decades to realise how wanting to help people feel better has been an undercurrent in my life and is the simple truth behind The Joy Connector®

baby to boss lady

I was born and raised in a working class family in Liverpool. The standard drill was that life would always be about working hard, never getting ahead, scrimping and saving for a rainy day, etc.  Fortunately my mum got me interested in reading very early on (still a passion) and I enjoyed school. Despite losing my way when it came time for the critical exams I needed for university, I persevered and eventually got some decent results. This opened opportunities for me to leave an office job and retrain as a radiographer.  I loved working in the NHS, but it felt like I’d be retired before I got anywhere near a senior management role. Reaching any sort of “true potential” would be impossible with my accent…

A friend suggested I take a look at medical sales and, although initially hesitant, I decided to give it a go and targeted the company I wanted to join.  My timing was off as they’d just hired someone to cover my area. I persisted and three years later got my dream job! (Ironically I learned so much more about medical imaging in my new career than if I’d stayed in hospital work. I had to understand technical selling and how to train customers on different types of product, whereas in the hospital it was usually too busy to release staff for extra training, unless you decided to specialise in one field, which I didn’t). 

I’d wanted to travel for as long as I can remember and my work in sales took me around the UK, across Europe and to the USA.  The companies I worked for looked after their staff, enjoying excellent hotels and restaurants, with business class flights on long haul, so I was racking up loyalty points and air miles.  What’s not to like? 


This corporate journey over more than 25 years took me from junior sales rep to European boss lady, with long hours away from family, high stress levels and four job redundancies.  I experienced bullying and intimidation from line managers. When I got recognition from senior management some colleagues (male and female) used dirty tricks to try and make me look bad. There were times my confidence was dented and I wanted to crawl away and hide.  But the show must go on and, in this mans world, the motto was ‘work hard, play hard’ so I adapted my behaviours to fit in, to be more ‘masculine’ and ‘one of the boys.’ 

As a manager I had found that growing people was even more satisfying than growing sales numbers (not something to admit when that’s how you’re measured).  While I had stepped up admirably with each promotion, I began to realise I had lost something of my self.

I did love my job, I was good at it and I became very well paid once I’d learned how to improve my own visibility and mindset in a way that was true to me.

What I was increasingly missing was my identity and connection to self.


Redundancy #1 had prompted me to set up my own marketing services company, Joyous Solutions Ltd, which I initially kept as a ‘fall-back’ option after one project led to a job offer back in the corporate world.  By the time of redundancy #2 I had been running multi-million dollar business channels for a listed New York company and qualified as a Master Practitioner in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), so Joyous Solutions evolved into a mix of management consultancy and coaching.

However, in my salaried years I had created a lifestyle of spend now and worry later. No matter how much personal development I racked up to ‘change my ways’ I was always distracted by debt, living pay cheque to pay cheque.  When a friend introduced me to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, or ‘tapping’) I signed up to various free online summits, getting to know the speakers I was most drawn to. I knew it was time to take control of my finances and when the first Tapping Into Wealth Coach program launched I jumped on it!  This was just what I’d needed and my world truly began to change as I uncovered and changed patterns I’d been running all my life.

I wanted to share this wonderful work with other women, so studied to get professional accreditation in EFT (to Level 3 Advanced) and Matrix Reimprinting. More recently I became a Master Coach in mBraining, or mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques), learnings which guide us to align the intelligence of the whole mind-body to improve decision making, resilience and our overall wisdom as human becomings.  The changes generated by ‘doing my own work’ helped me find a place of calm that is now always mine, a place I can quickly return to even when life tries its best to knock me off balance.

It is this peace-fullness I bring to holding a safe, calm space for coaching conversations.  As my own journey continues I’m truly, deeply reconnecting to my own inner joy and I’d love to share that feeling with you.


It’s not unusual for transformational coaches to say to one another “is this work never done?” and the answer is (generally) no. Each time we step up to the next level some of our old fears can surface, but we continue to do our own work and move forward again.  Indeed I had to get out of my own way again to introduce The Joy Connector® philosophy to the world – I mapped it out way back in 2016 after months of working with a mentor I’d invested in to guide me at that time. (The audio below was recorded on one of her courses).  Since then I’ve carried on getting to know myself better, learning to love myself better and get even more understanding of my particular talents and skills.

The Joy Connector® began with wanting to inspire undervalued and invisible women to find the way back to their own greatness and, of course, that’s been my story too.  It was about re-connecting to joy until I realised that it was also a story about separation. Much more than that though, it’s truly about rediscovering a deep connection to self, to others, to this amazing universe we inhabit. That’s where the magic really starts…



It was my first go, recorded several years back and you can tell I'm a bit nervous!